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About Us

Who Are You People?

We are a very large group of humans, animals, and bizarre creatures. We collectively use the name Mooneye for our "singletsona" and use they/them pronouns. We're bodily an adult, and I won't give an exact age because 1.) giving personal information to strangers online is bad and 2.) we will almost certainly forget to update this when the body's birthday rolls around and frankly I just don't feel like needing to remember to update it.

We have a great many different groups and layers, you can learn more about them on their pages!

Warning: These pages are currently kinda broken on mobile, sorry about that! We are trying to fix it, it's just. A process.
The Old Brick City The Great Plains A Cat's Paw

Piercetives Invader Zim Chaos Kids

Voib/Gamers Wanderers

Where Did You Come From?

We believe the system began when the body was in 2nd grade and had an abusive teacher who treated the system poorly for being autistic and able to learn faster than she was apparently prepared for. The host at the time was unable to hold up under the abuse put on us by her and ended up splitting into several people. The summer after 2nd grade, the system experienced a total loss of identity and was forced to rebuild a mask from the ground up.

A majority of our origin is very similar for then on, mostly due to the trauma of Being Autistic In Public School. At one point in high school, the host at the time learned about tulpamancy and started to dabble in that; you'd expect us to say this is the point when the host discovered we are a system, but surprisingly they did not! After about a year and a half of working on tulpamancy, the host suddenly declared it all fake and went back to "being a singlet".

Several years later when the tulpa the host had created, Em, resurfaced, the host ended up joining a number of system servers on Discord and ended up thinking that the rapid expansion that happened in the rather rocky year of 2021 was the entirety of the system-, when truly, it's not even a quarter of it. In late 2021, the system discovered one of the oldest layers, the Piercetives, and suddenly became aware of just how long and storied our history as a system truly is. I expect that our journey of understanding as a system will go for awhile yet; this is merely the beginning of a greater understanding of ourselves.

What Do You Do?

I mean that depends on who you're asking, and in what sphere you're asking about! In general, we spend alot of time playing video games, watching youtube and twitch, crocheting, and occasionally streaming on twitch ourselves. We have aspirations of owning a gluten-free bakery and enjoy spending some of our free time baking all kinds of delicious treats for ourselves. We also enjoy spending our time playing tabletop roleplaying games, and we even run a couple.

How Does This Whole System Thing Work?

Very Very Carefully. Ok but seriously, we function in a lot of very intricate ways, and it would probably take ages to figure out and explain all the complicated innerworkings. Suffice it to say all the different layers have their own important functions which contribute massively to the system's functioning as a whole. We are a monoconscious polyplural adaptive system, and we generally exist in pretty good harmony. Some layers are more.... I hesitate to say dysfunctional, as for the most part we're all very good at working with each other towards the common goal of continuing the body's life and furthering our collective goals. Some layers simply further that goal by, for example, letting off the system's more destructive impulses by running a "warlike" narrative amongst themselves.

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