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The Old Brick City

The Old Brick City is an ancient city made of old, yellowing brick which, frankly, appears to be more like a maze with the veneer of a city than a city with maze-like qualities. It is considered the "primary" layer simply due to the fact that the fronting room is at the center of the maze-like structure. There are 4 gates leading out of the city in the east, west, north, and south, but the paths leading away from these gates end approximately 1000 feet from the gates, as the layer is seemingly enclosed in a shimmery, transparent blue bubble.

In the past, the Old Brick City was only used as a temporary residence for those supporting the person currently in front, and any structures created there to house the temporary residents would return to the layer that person called home with them when they were no longer needed near front. Currently, the city is occupied by the majority of the people who arrived in the system during 2021, as during 2021 the host discovered the system and accidentally made it impossible to travel between layers as they attempted to understand their new worldview. Many of the current residents have professed a strong disinterest in moving away from the city at this time, and the city seems to be more populated than ever in the past, and is expected to stay that way for now.

Notable Members

Delta/Gamma [they/he/it]

Delta and Gamma are the interface and gatekeeper of the system. They are perpetually in front, though they very rarely take an active role in front. They generally spend their time watching over whoever's fronting and feeding them any information they need to keep up with what's going on, and occasionally pulling them from front if they get too overwhelmed. Delta and Gamma are part of a subsystem, and are unable to move or act independently from each other, though they don't seem distressed by this at all.

Mange [they/it/she]

Mange is a nekomata who spends the majority of her time in a mostly humanoid form. Her name is pronounced "Mah-nj", and is the french word for 'eat'. Mange is currently the person who fronts the most, though they refuse the title "host" because they worry if they accept it the brain will get them front-stuck. Mange is generally a fairly vibrant person, and enjoys spending time playing video games, crocheting, and cooking new recipes.


Em is the first tulpa created by the system, and had a bit of a rocky start in the system. Originally having more of a persecutor-style demeanor, Em went into dormancy about a year and a half after she formed and returned as a protector and system admin. She now does her best to manage the inhabitants of the City, making sure their needs are met and no squabbles go too far. She's very energetic and bombastic, with a mildly concerning love of fire.


James is the primary protector of the City. He lives in the Factory to the south of the Fronting Room with his wife Hamartia and his son Camby. James is a fairly serious person who has an enjoyment for darker humour, though he is very careful about keeping things safe for kids. He mostly acts as a social protector, coming to front in social situations that cause anxiety to take control of the situation and get everything handled as safely and efficiently as possible.


Marjorie is the 'domestic keeper' of the system, meaning she does her best to manage the domestic aspects of the system's life. With Mange taking control of doing the majority of the cooking for the system, Marjorie mostly just attempts to manage the system's finances and adult responsibilities from the headspace, only coming up to the edge of front to give input on the system's responsibilities before vanishing back to headspace. She's fairly serious, with an air of being tired about her nearly all the time.

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