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The Great Plains

The Great Plains is a wide open expanse of open grass over rolling hills, crisscrossed by a pair of rivers and dotted with trees. The Great Plains are connected to the Old Brick City by an elevator approximately near the center of the layer which is the only form of travel between the two layers. There are buildings scattered across the layer, acting as the homes of the residents as well as places for them to hang out. Far to the east is an ocean, most of which is cut off by the edge of the layer.

The members of the Great Plains, who refer to themselves as the Frayed Knots, act as "pillars" of emotional support for the other layers by using their collective unconscious to create infrastructure to help keep the system as stable as possible. The efforts they go to have helped to improve the communication between layers and stop the system from fully melting down in times of great stress.

Notable Members

Name and Pronouns General Info Faceclaim
Grian [gri/grian/grianself] Grian is the host and organizer of the Great Plains layer. Gri tries to make sure everyone in the Great Plains has a place to live and feels supported by the rest of the layer. Gri is a generally cheerful and energetic person, sometimes even playing pranks on the other Frayed Knots. Grian has been known to have issues with anxiety, but gri manages them very well with the assistance of the other members of the layer.
Xisuma [he/bee/honey] Xisuma is the primary protector of the Great Plains layer. Bee makes sure everyone is safe and protected within this layer. Xisuma is very confident and calm, preferring only to speak up when it's necessary. When not protecting the others, honey prefers to spend bee's time tending to his buzzing brethren in their hive, gathering extra honey to give to bee's fellow residents as a treat when they're feeling down. Several members of Xisuma's layer see as a sort of "prophet" of Malg. credit sketchandpallet
Malg [it/its] Malg is the architect of the Great Plains. It lives in the sky far above the layer, observing from afar and silently intervening to help with changing and rebuilding the layer when necessary. Malg is nonverbal, and usually works the closest with Grian or Xisuma to figure out what would best for the residents, as it has little idea what would be best for mortal beings. Malg appears to be some kind of ancient creator deity, albeit from a religion none of us have ever heard of. Many members of the Great Plains layer casually worship Malg, though they don't seem to be overly zealous about it due to Malg's laid-back nature when it comes to worship. image not found
Merry/The Borrower [she/her] Merry is a little who lives in a massive treehouse near the center of the layer. Merry gave herself the role of "Fixkeeper", which is to say she helps to hold onto our hyperfixations by turning into characters from those fixations, thus helping to prevent us from forming those characters as new headmates. Merry is generally very bubbly and excitable, bouncing around from thing to thing, though when she feels she has a job to do she does her best to be very serious and helpful.

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