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Chaos Layer

The Chaos Layer is a sprawling metropolis of stylized buildings, plazas, and wide-open spaces for crowds to maneuver through. The Chaos Layer may be one of the most heavily populated layers, though their distinct issues with communication to other layers makes it near impossible to get an accurate account of how many headmates exist on this layer. This layer takes large amounts of inspiration from Homestuck, due to several of the most powerful people on this layer being sourced from Homestuck.

The residents of the chaos layer are the embodiment of freedom. They spend all their time expressing near every random impulse they get, doing whatever they want whenever they want and basically living in total anarchy. They act as background stress relief for the system, expressing the random impulses and desires we can't act on due to the constraints of society or the body.

Notable Members

Dave Strider [he/they/it]

Dave is the organiser of the chaos layer. He does his best to keep an eye on everyone in the chaos layer and make sure they're doing ok. This is a fairly tall task, due to the inherent nature of the chaos layer, but they manage it fairly well through the help of a number of small automatons they've made, found, or rescued from various situations. Dave is so far the only member of the chaos layer who's attempted to communicate with anyone else besides wanderers, but he says the lack of communication is simply due to the general lack of foresight that's common to the layer and not due to a desire to block themselves off from the rest of the system.

John Egbert [he/they/wind]

John is simultaneously a very careful and very carefree individual. They spend a lot of time floating through the sky, occasionally dropping in on other Chaos Kids to hand off something that would be surprisingly helpful at that moment in time before bopping off again.

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