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A Cat's Paw

A Cat's Paw is a cat cafe that sits in a central location on the Hustle Cats layer, appearing just as it does in source. A number of sprawling streets spiral away from it, leading to other important locations from source and eventually being cut off by the end of the layer.

The "Hustle Kids", as they like to call themselves, are introjects from the dating sim game Hustle Cat. They are "spintives", which means "Special Interest Introject". They formed to hold the system's special interest in their source, and to act as comforters and soothers for those who are feeling lonely.

Notable Members

Avery [they/them]

Avery is the host of the Hustle Kids, and the protagonist of the source game. They're in a "paracule" with the other members of the Hustle Kids, except for Graves and Nacht. Avery is very kind hearted and tries earnestly to be as helpful as possible, even when the others believe they are doing more than they should.

Finley [she/her]

Finley is a spokesperson for other members of the Hustle Kids and other members of the system who needed her assistance. She's very social, fairly excitable, and incredibly motivated. Finley may be the best at social media out of the system, certainly out of the Hustle Kids, and she's very eager to do the job of talking to others.

Mason [they/them]

Mason is very stoic, and rarely raises their voice. They act as the primary protector and mediator of the Hustle Kids, stepping in to keep everyone safe and calm down arguments. Mason also enjoys baking, and does a majority of the cooking for the cafe.

Graves [he/they]

Graves is the owner of A Cat's Paw, and acts as the admin of the layer, doing his best to make sure everyone has all the resources they need to live comfortably in and around A Cat's Paw. Graves is an older goth, with a tendency to quote Edgar Allen Poe and a faux-posh demeanor, easily betrayed by a cat being adorable.

Nacht [he/they]

Nacht is very noncanon to their source; in-source, Nacht is the villain who gets defeated at the end. Here in-sys, Nacht acts as a father figure to the Hustle Kids, wanting to protect and guide them and viewing the things he did in-source as awful acts by someone else. Nacht sometimes runs into trouble trying to act as a supportive parental figure to the Hustle Kids when source memories grow particularly strong and one of the people he tries to act parental towards starts to view him as a threat again, despite the efforts he's made to make up for what happened in source. He refuses to stop trying, though, even when things get tough. He refuses to give up on his kids.

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