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The layer the Piercetives reside on is odd; it appears differently for anyone who looks at it, or perhaps different parts of the layer are simply emphasized for each individual. The layer is a strange mishmash of locations from the source of the Piercetives, the novels written by Tamora Pierce. It is a place to move through carefully, as some find getting too close to certain places from their past have the possibility to get them stuck in their past, unable to break out of strange loops.

The Piercetives may be some of the oldest members of the system; they appeared early on in the system's history, we estimate around 2nd grade, a topic which is covered a bit more on our About page. They hold the majority of the memories from our school years, and nowadays spend most of their time resting and attempting to process the memories they hold. Most of them rarely front nowadays and never take full control of the body, but their opinions are some of the most respected in the system, due to how long they've resided here.

Notable Members

Alanna [she/they]

Alanna is the primary protector of the Piercetives. She commonly fronts alongside any other member of the piercetives to keep them safe from any of the threats of the outside world, taking front when things get to overwhelming so she can 'weather the storm' in their place. When Alanna is fronting, it is common for us to keep our wooden sword close by, as Alanna finds the presence of a weapon comforting, even if this body does not have the muscle memory to use it.


Briar is the most frequent fronter of the Piercetives, and is the most willing to spend time in front and fully in control of the body. He is regarded as the "diplomat" for the layer, being the one who's most willing to talk to other members of the system about how the Piercetives function and what went on during the school years. It is unlikely most people will meet any member of the Piercetives other than him and Alanna.

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