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Pokemon Nursery

What are you doing on this page? It's been hidden for a reason. The members of this layer are reclusive and don't want to be seen yet. Stop investigating and go back.

The Pokemon Nursery is a layer largely composed of traumaholders, with a main caretaker in the form of N. Attempts to contact the layer should be few and far between, and should default to N. Currently, the main fronters have decided this layer should remain uncontacted as much as possible until the system's traumas have been dealt with more.

a description of the pokemon layer

Notable Members

N [they/it]

N is a kind heart who takes care of all the pokemon members of their layer to the best of their ability. It also acts as a spokesperson for them, as they have issues communicating with most humans. When strife arises on their layer, it does the best it can to protect the pokemon, especially the weaker ones, from the consequences of other's actions. N is rather soft-spoken, talking very quickly when it does speak up.