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This layer is divided into two parts, with one part looking like the various recording offices, a common room, and bedrooms for the content creators who live here, and the other part being a almost warren like series of rooms with a common room at its heart, where characters sourced from youtube creators' content live. The Voib, as it has been teasingly nicknamed, lies just beyond these places and is where 'meta shenanigans' between many of the fictives on this layer take place.

The members of this layer are all introjects from various Youtube and Twitch sources, and as such are a mix of fictives and factives. Many members of this layer continue creating content in-sys, doing their best to spread joy and laughter, as well as tips on coping.

Notable Members

Mark [he/they/she]

Mark is the admin of this layer, and does his best to make sure everyone's doing alright. Mark prefers to focus on making soothing, joyful content, things that people could watch to relax from a long day. When not making videos or doing admin work, Mark prefers to spend time hanging out with his beloved dog Chica and his loving partner Amy.

Damien/Dark [it/they/he]

Damien is a former aggressor who has since taken on more of a caretaker role. He has shown a propensity for stepping into front and helping others, especially Mange, when overwhelmed with negative emotions, making them feel safe enough to express those feelings and not feel trapped by them. When he's not trying to help others, Damien spends time relaxing with his friends, Wilford and Abe, and playing with Chica.

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