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Twisting paths through nothing, through fog and mist. Such paths are not travelled by the weak of heart, nor are they even places to be found by most.

Wanderers are an interesting subclass of headmate, in that they do not reside within any layer in particular. Rather, they move between layers almost constantly, sometimes spending a few days resting and chatting with the residents of whatever layer they've found themselves in. Wanderers serve to bring communications between layers without the residents of those layers needing to travel near the front to do so, as well as keeping the Between spaces outside the boundaries of the layers clear of any threats that might seek to attack a layer, especially the smaller ones.

Notable Members


Zagreus is a determined individual, constantly zipping between layers. They seem to enjoy the challenge of moving between the layers, casually destroying the threats in his path, and always eager to here the local news in each layer he visits. Not much is known about Zagreus outside of this, as he seems to spend most of his time outside the layers, but he is viewed as a welcome sight whenever he arrives in a new layer.

Zagreus is currently the only wanderer known by front, but there are certainly several other wanderers that are simply not known of yet.

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